Top Resources for Writers Recommended by Published Authors & a Literary Agent

I spent the weekend at a conference for bloggers, mostly focused on content and things like creating video and fine-tuning your social media pages. It was great, and I met some incredible people. I also got to spend time with one of my most favourite humans on the planet, so it was enjoyable to say the least. 

But my most favourite part, by far, was the book publishing session that featured a panel of published authors and a literary agent. (I was a wee bit excited to say the least.)

They had some great, specific advice for anyone who wants to write fiction, non-fiction or children’s books. Among their excellent advice, was a list of resources that will help you in your writing journey, including everything from finding an agent to getting published.

Here are a few of their recommendations:

Writer’s Union of Canada

The resources section of this website offers up some great information related to publishing for both members and non-members (there are some rules around becoming a member that you can find on the site). It has details on literary agents, contracts, and a lot of other very helpful topics.

Canadian Authors Association

Again, a bunch of great information for writers in Canada, including a list of Canadian book publishers, contests & competitions, writers’ organizations and more.

Jane Friedman’s Website

This link goes to a downloadable pdf of a chart that divides the writer’s path into traditional publishing, self-publishing/assisted publishing, and social publishing. It offers extremely helpful info on the big five publishers, who they are, how to approach them and lots of other invaluable information.

The Write Life—Info on Self-Publishing vs. Traditional

I’m a big fan of the The Write Life site in general. This post has an infographic about self-publishing and traditional publishing, delivered in a funny, light-hearted way.

Canadian Children’s Book Publishers

This list is curated by a published children’s book author who was at the event. It’s from 2014, but has some great info for anyone specifically looking into children’s books.

The Professional Association of Canadian Literary Agents

The literary agent who was at the session let us know about this link. She mentioned that many literary agents in Canada had joined together to form this association, and the link above takes you directly to all of the members. Love it!

So there you have it. An invaluable list of resources directly from writers who have made it in the book biz. If you know of any others, leave a note below. The more resources, the better.