10 Sites That Pay Writers

Getting your writing published on a professional site is a great way to build your portfolio, network with new editors and gain experience as a writer. But let’s face it—most writers want to get paid, right? (I know I do!) Here’s a list of a variety of publications that accept submissions and pay writers.

1. ADDitude – Inside the ADHD mind

Since 1998, millions have trusted ADDitude to deliver expert advice and caring support, making us the leading media network for parents and adults living with attention-deficit disorder, and for professionals working in the field. We provide well-vetted expert guidance and in-the-trenches understanding to help you navigate the very real challenges that arise from ADHD and related mental health conditions. It remains our mission to be your most reliable advisor and ally, and a source of inspiration along your path to health and well-being.”

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2. 29secrets

29Secrets.com is a site for the smart, urban, stylish, women who is in the know. Updated daily, 29Secrets.com is the place to visit for smart, entertaining, practical and juicy content. 29Secrets.com is your go-to guide to everything beauty, relationships, wellness and fashion, as well as top-of-mind celebrity gossip. We want to motivate, inform and make you smile.

More info: 29Secrets.com

For submissions, contact editor[at]29Secrets.com

3. SavvyMom

SavvyMom brings moms across Canada solutions to their everyday dilemmas, from finding the best baby and mom products to planning birthday parties and entertaining the kids.

More info: SavvyMom.ca

For submissions, contact heather.dixon[at]savvymom.ca

4. Hello Giggles

HelloGiggles is a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering the latest in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, female empowerment, culture, relationships, friendship, careers, and issues that matter most to young women’s lives.

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5. Love to Know

LoveToKnow.com is dedicated to providing high quality, useful information on a variety of topics to internet users. Finding quality advice on the web can be overwhelming. We strive to offer the most useful information and advice on topics that are most important to our readers.

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6. Model View Culture

A magazine about technology, culture and diversity.

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7. Folks

Folks is an online magazine dedicated to telling the stories of remarkable people who refuse to be defined by their health issues. By sharing the experiences of these individuals, we hope to change people’s notions about what it means to be ‘normal’.

More info & submit here

8. Headspace Blog

This site is interesting because it’s a blog for a business (not a news/media/publishing site). It complements the Headspace brand/meditation app. "Our hope is that for every story you read, you leave the blog feeling empowered, educated, or even just a little less alone."

Send submissions to submissions[at]headspace.com


9. Kids Safety Network

“We’re looking for articles about child safety. This includes, but isn’t limited to: product recalls, personal experiences, mental or physical health conditions, or accident prevention.”

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10. Well Family (New York Times)

I personally feel like if you’re published on the New York Times, you’ve arrived. :)  (That’s just me though!) This section includes ‘coverage of parenting, childhood health and relationships to help every family live well.’ 

Send submissions to wellfamily[at]nytimes.com


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