In Defence of Pink

My kids love to play with a wide variety of toys. Everything from dolls to cars to play-doh and princess costumes. They imagine, craft things up, create, tell stories—and then they’re onto the next thing.

I wrote this piece for SavvyMom because I have a little pink-loving daughter. One day, she asked me if she could have her own lipstick. I let her - but told her it was only for special occasions like her dance recital. She immediately slathered some on her face at home (because I said she could) and smiled at herself adoringly in the mirror.

My older daughter came into the washroom, asked to put some on, slathered up her lips and stared at herself for a minute too. Then she grabbed a tissue, wiped it all off, said "Nah... I like my regular lips better" before hopping off her stool and skipping out of the bathroom.

I've got vastly different girls. The so called 'rough and tumble', hockey-playing, athletic, strong one. And I've got the one who adores dresses and purses and sparkly nail polish. The interesting thing? They're both smart, strong, fascinating little girls who will grow up to be complex, intelligent, wonderful women. It takes all kinds. And when it comes down to it, they're just kids. My kids. And I love them both exactly the same.

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