Little Humans Eating Healthy: My New Obsession

If you don't already know this about me - I'm kind of a passionate gal. 

I'm passionate about many things. But the top of that list is my kids. (Like many parents). And when my oldest daughter started getting picky about food - I started getting more and more interested in finding healthy things she would actually eat. 

When she started going to school, food became a bit of a challenge. She would bring home full lunch containers and would be in a horrid mood. Tired, cranky, hungry... She was a mess.

So I discovered a love for finding new lunch gear - and for finding delicious, healthy foods she would eat. When I found and started using the Yumbox (featured in this pic), I started telling every parent I knew about it. Then I started telling them all about the foods I put in it. Then I started talking about it to parents at the school yard that I didn't know. Then I realized I had a slightly crazy obsession.

But! I've turned that slightly crazy obsession into my new project: Little Humans Eating Healthy! It combines all the things I'm passionate about into one: my little humans, writing and healthy food ideas for kids.

If you'd like a few school lunch ideas, check out my first post here

Oh - and I know there are tons and tons of these kinds of blogs out there. And many, many posts about lunch ideas. I'm doing this for the pure enjoyment I get out of it more than anything else. But if you happen to like it and enjoy it - please feel free to share! :)